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Terdepan Dalam Era Konstruksi Digital, PTPP Raih Penghargaan BIM
24 January 2019

Leading in Digital Construction Era, PTPP Wins BIM Award

PT PP (Persero) Tbk ("the Company") was one of the speakers at the Digital Construction event: Revolution of BIM Cost Management organized by Glodon Indonesia at Balai Kartini Jakarta on Wednesday (23 / 01). In the event, Ni Made Sasanti as Head of the Strategic Planning, Research and Technology Division represented the Company as the speaker at the event on the topic of Indonesia Trends in Construction. On this occasion, Glodon Indonesia awarded the "Global BIM Award Partnership" to the Company for strategic cooperation and outstanding achievements in the implementation and development of BIM ("Building Information Modeling") in Indonesia. BIM has been officially applied since 2015 in the Company and starting in 2018 BIM has become a mandatory process for all of the Company's new projects, which are implemented starting from the tender process, project implementation, to the handover of the project. By implementing this BIM, the implementation of construction becomes faster, more accurate, efficient and produces quality products so as to increase satisfaction from stakeholders.

Awards received by the Company for the implementation of BIM include:

- Glodon BIM Competition 2018 (2 Winners)

- Tekla BIM Asia Awards 2018 (Big 3 Nominations)

With the achievement, the award further strengthened the Company's position as the leader in digital construction. Aside from being a pioneer in implementing BIM in Indonesia, the Company is also a pioneer in implementing ERP in Indonesian construction companies and has gone life since 2017, which integrates all business processes in the company. The development of BIM and ERP is part of the Digital Transformation Company program, which has transformed from doing digital to being digital. In addition, the Company has a Road Map for Digital Construction (IT Master Plan 2018 - 2022). From these achievements, the Company has received an award from the Ministry of BUMN (1 of 26 SOEs) whose IT implementation maturity is more than 3 out of a total of 144. BUMN.

As a form of the company's commitment to advance BIM implementation throughout Indonesia, in 2017 the Company held an international conference: the first Digital Construction Day in Indonesia. Where the activity became a driver of BIM's implementation of all construction stakeholders in Indonesia, so that BIM began to become a mandatory requirement in several construction projects. In the last 3 (three) years, the Company has developed digital technology to be implemented in field construction work, such as photogrammetry, geoelectric (ERT), AR-VR-MR for construction, laser scans, and 3D printers for construction. In 2019, the Company will hold a second Digital Construction Day event where the event will focus more on the latest development of BIM and digital technology. Where these activities are expected to bring Indonesian construction in line with more advanced countries.